FOCAL University offers an unprecedented opportunity to learn directly from family offices how best to develop lasting relationships and to present opportunities for review.  On Tuesday, May 21, 2019, hosted us in midtown Manhattan for our daylong training event.

Please note: attendance is always contingent upon review and approval.



Tuesday, May 21, 2019

9:30 am

10:00 am




Enjoy coffee, breakfast, and the opportunity to network amongst peers.




10:00 am

10:15 am

Welcome Address



Edward Estrada, partner at Reed Smith, frames the day’s objectives: to understand family offices and pitch effectively.




10:15 am

11:00 am

Family Office 101: The Basics



Wendy Craft presents the sum total of her twenty years’ experience directly serving multiple billionaires.  From the vantage point of an operations expert, learn what family offices actually need to accomplish day-to-day… and how “pitches” can either solve or create problems.




11:00 am

11:15 am

Case Study: History of Milstein Family



Jim Berger presents the story of New York Private Bank & Trust, Howard Milstein’s single family office.  Reflecting on opportunities and challenges facing this type of institution, Jim offers participants a chance to learn how best to partner as a solution provider.




11:15 am

12:00 pm

The Family Office Panel:

“The Right Way to Pitch Us”



Holland Sullivan leads a panel discussion on single family offices featuring Stephen McCarty, MD of KCG Capital, a family investment office co-founded his father, the former CIO of Lord Abbett.  Jim Berger offers Milstein’s own SFO perspective with additional perspective from Julien Haccoun of the Steinmauer Family Office.

Participants learn from family office principals themselves how best to present opportunities effectively.  Why do some opportunities merit further review while others languish in spam folders?  What makes some advisory and sell-side professionals genuine external partners for family offices?




12:00 pm

12:30 pm


Open discussion




12:30 pm


Breakout Session: Best Practices



Attendees will join small working groups led by family office managers.  After reaching consensus on best practices for approaching family offices and developing relationships, attendees reconvene to share results and have Q&A.




1:00 pm

1:30 pm

“Do You Crypto?” –

How (and How Not) to Pitch



Wendy Craft conducts a fireside chat with Bill Healy, MD of Panetera Capital, the foremost VC investor in cryptocurrencies and related technologies.  Learn how capital seekers (in this case, would-be portfolio companies)  are more successful via a longer-term strategy.  In keeping with the same theme as other talks of the day, Healy illustrates methods of developing relationships rather than pitching relentlessly.




1:30 pm

2:00 pm

Multifamily Offices



What happens when more than one family leverages the same platform?  A very different perspective emerges.  Whether few large families, a boutique wealth management platform, or a larger broker-dealer, the term “MFO” covers a wide range of operations.  Joining us is Andrew Pitcairn, a 4th generation member of the Harold Pitcairn Family line and current Pitcairn Family Council Chair.  Adding perspective from his own storied multi-generational family, Pierre DuPont presents how best to present to his peer group of MFOs.




2:00 pm

2:30 pm

The Conference Circuit



Family office conference attendees, sponsors, and the curious spend countless hours and dollars attempting to unlock value.  Wendy Craft shares how to evaluate conferences and allocate marketing dollars effectively.




2:30 pm

3:00 pm

Networking Break




3:00 pm

3:45 pm

Great Expectations: How Do I Meet Family Offices?



Wendy Craft explains expectations to have for conferences and other networking events.  Sharing first-hand family member points of view are Brian De Lucia, principal Arrivato, a PA-based SFO, and Mary D’Souza, CFO of Misha Investments, a SFO based in NY.




3:45 pm

4:30 pm

The Comedy of Success



And now for something completely different… 4th generation family office member Robert Hut hosts a sell-side panel that turns the tables by giving voice to challenges sell-side and other advisors face in establishing and serving family office relationships.




4:30 pm

6:00 pm

Networking Cocktail




Practice your newly acquired skills in context.  Multiple family offices will join attendees for cocktails and the chance to practice techniques acquired during the day’s training with direct, candid feedback.

7:00 pm


Private Dinner (Invitation Only)



Wendy Craft

Wendy currently holds the position of Chief of Staff for Fulcrum Equities, LLC, a family office serving third and fourth generation members of the Swig Family in New York City. They family invests in Real Estate and Cryptocurrencies as well as other sectors

Wendy held the position of Chief Operating Officer of Favara, LLC, a family office focused on real estate but allocating to other sectors which include pharmaceuticals, venture and certain areas of the tech industry. The family office serves three generations of the family and is based in New York City.

Previously, Ms. Craft held the position of Executive Vice President and General Counsel for Fulcrum Equities, LLC, a single-family office that invests in real estate and operating companies on its behalf. The office handles the holdings of a real estate family and also co-invests with other family offices on a variety of projects around the world.

Previous to that, Ms. Craft worked with the Schneider Family serving as their Vice President and General Counsel and assisted them in separating the existing family office from the family’s operating company. The Schneider Family is a prominent real estate family in New York and has a foundation that serves children’s charities around the world.

Having received her BA from Kalamazoo College MI, Ms. Craft continued her education at Thomas Cooley Law School with a concentration in international law. She also received the American Jurisprudence Prize Award in Conflict of Laws. She then attended Georgetown University Law School and attained her LL.M. in Taxation.

Additionally, she is a member of many Family Office Associations. She has served on the Advisory Board for Family Office Exchange. She has also served as a committee member for the NYSSCPA Family Office Committee in New York and serves on the Steering Committee for the NYU Sterns Family Office Council. She is a frequent speaker on Family Office Topics in the United States and abroad.

Mary D’Souza

Mary is the Chief Investment Officer of Misha Investments and CFO & Director of a biotech company.  She has extensive experience in investing and capital markets.   Over the past 20 years, she has structured, placed or invested in structured products, bank loans, junior capital, high yield, early stage companies, real estate and private equity funds.

Prior to Misha Investments, Mary worked for 3 years at Four M Investments where she was Chief Investment Officer and Chief Financial Officer for the family office.  She was responsible for cash management, tax planning and investments in fixed income, equity, MLPs, Preferreds, real estate and funds. Prior to Four M Investments, Mary worked as a Managing Director at GE Capital Markets for 9 years where she was responsible for establishing and running the junior capital business and helped set up the unitranche fund with Allied Capital (later sold to Ares).  She built deep relationships with banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, distressed funds, mezzanine funds, insurance companies, BDCs and other alternate sources of capital.  She placed over $13 billion in volume and 150+ deals, which included acquisition financing, refinancing, recapitalizations, restructurings (Radnet, CCA), DIPS (Delta DIP), EXITS (Delta, US Air), amendments and trading of loans.

Ken Drummond

Kenneth Drummond is the CFO for The Johnson Company Inc. a private investment company owned by the Johnson & Johnson Family.

Michael Felman

Michael Felman is President and CEO of MSF Capital Advisors, a global multi-family office. Besides his own family office, his firm advises other family offices and a select group of high net worth individuals. Mr. Felman began his investment career as an Angel Investor. He invested in real estate, film projects, technology companies and a restaurant. Mr. Felman received his B.A from Clark University and J.D. from Pace University. Winner of Acquisition International 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Global Multi-Family Office award. Winner of Wealth & Finance International 2014 Global Multi-Family Office Award. A member of the NYU Stern Family Office Council. He is a frequent speaker at family office, hedge fund and emerging markets conferences.

Bill Healy

Bill joined Pantera Capital Management in early 2018 with primary responsibility to manage the capital formation, investor relations, and marketing functions of the firm.

Prior to joining Pantera, Bill co-founded Deutsche Bank’s Hedge Fund Priority Client group and managed ING Barings’ emerging markets institutional debt sales team. He began his career in 1986 at Chase Manhattan Bank in their New York, Sao Paulo, and London offices where he advised multinational corporations on funding of their Latin American operations. Bill graduated from George Washington University with a B.A. in International Business. He is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA®) member.

Pantera manages capital in seven funds across passive, hedge, and venture.  The firm is an SEC registered investment advisor founded in 2003 by Dan Morehead, former CFO and Head Macro Trader at Tiger Management. Pantera is the longest established blockchain venture capital manager and first to focus exclusively  on digital currencies,  applications,  and companies in the ecosystem.

In 2013, Pantera launched the first crypto-currency fund in the United States, which returned 5,400% since inception (12/31/18) and returned billions of USO to investors. The firm launched the first exclusively-blockchain venture fund and was the first to offer a pre-auction ICO fund.

In mid-2018, Pantera launched its third venture fund which provided the seed investment with Microsoft and BCG in the newly created crypto exchange, Bakkt, formed by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) with whom Starbucks will partner for its cryptocurrency offerings. The final close of VFIII will be on March 28 with extensions to individuals investing $2.5mm or more-and for pensions, endowments, and institutions that require due diligence work and board-level consideration.

Robert Hut

Robert Hut. Jr. is a Founder and Managing Director of Stabilis Advisors and FARA Recovery. Prior to this, Mr. Hut spent 10 years as the founder and CEO of a specialty finance company and bank servicer.

From 1999 to 2009 Mr. Hut started and ran a specialty finance company domiciled in the Jersey, Channel Islands. Mr. Hut was also a Lloyds broker specializing in political risk, credit insurance and credit enhancements for banks and financial institutions. As such he has worked on structured finance transactions covering risks all over the world.

From 1992 to 1999 Mr. Hut was based in Moscow where he helped to capitalize and run several insurance companies and partnered with American Express to create custom products.

Robert is a 4th generation member of a closely held and privately owned group of companies as well as being a serial and demonic angel investor.

Brian De Lucia

Brian DeLucia serves as the Head of the Single Family Office and Managing Partner of our Family Office Strategic Consulting Firm.

Mr. DeLucia has been active in the re-development and vertical development of real estate over the last 15 years. Additionally, he has served as a board member of multiple business and banking concerns in the past 10 years. His passion has been building businesses and strategic development. He built his first business at age 21 in the professional sports industry when he launched a startup that became an industry leader within 12 months. Not only did he produce strong revenue through his endeavors, but he also created a lot of leaders who went onto prominent roles in business.

In addition to this real-world experience, Mr. DeLucia has earned an outstanding reputation among other private families, family office circles, and financiers for his reality-based approach to philosophy and process. Brian is well-known for his natural ability to cultivate relationships among diverse circles of people and become a connective resource to many business concerns.

Brian’s network through his own relationships and his advisory board include hundreds of UHNW families and their family offices, government leaders, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, pension managers, private bankers, diplomats, influencers, real estate developers, business executives, accountants, and law firms. This represents a rolodex of diverse personal relationships that can quietly make things happen that are often high barriers of entry for the masses

He is also regularly invited to serve as a panelist worldwide at private family office conferences and participates within private roundtables with other top-tier global family offices. Most importantly, Brian has built a track record as a leader who brings high-level people together, gets results, and has brought together several billion dollars of business interest in recent years.

Everything Mr. DeLucia has done in business begins with the assumption that it all starts with bringing people together and creating a foundation towards accountability where his organization should be able to function as a cohesive unit. Too often, people get caught up with all the bells and whistles, but Brian has always believed you win in business through execution, setting everyone’s primary and secondary responsibilities so they will hit the ground running and act decisively. This has been the defining quality that differentiates Brian as a leader.

Beyond evaluating people, Brian’s strengths have been efficiency, organization, and execution. He has been a leader who demonstrates the ability to focus an organization on what truly matters. His always has a vision for the long-term and with this arrives with an understanding of core competencies and how to leverage those into competitive advantages.

And the bottom line has been that Brian DeLucia possess a leadership style that inspires, motivates, unites, and excites people. Mr. DeLucia is not flashy, he is very simple, but understands what it takes to get things done.

Stephen McCarthy

Stephen McCarthy is an Executive Producer at Quixotic Endeavors. He is responsible for working with investors in QE productions and advising on business related issues. He is also the Managing Director of KCG Capital Advisors, a family investment office/foundation administration venture that he co-founded with his late father, John M. “Jack” McCarthy, a former Co-Managing Partner/CIO of Lord Abbett ($136 billion AUM partnership est. 1929).

Stephen has over forty years of diversified professional experience in both the financial services and foundation management sectors. Before establishing the family run entity in the mid 1990’s, for almost a twenty-year period, he held senior executive positions in the strategic planning, credit/risk management, business consulting, capital markets and retail brokerage arenas at PaineWebber, Security Pacific, Deloitte, Citibank and Bache respectively.

An honors graduate of Chaminade HS, Mr. McCarthy received a Bachelor of Arts in dual majors – Economics and Government – from Wesleyan University, was granted a Master of Business Administration in Finance from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University and completed an EE Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship/ Venture Capital Investing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Stephen is trustee of his family’s 30-year-old private foundation, represented his clan as a long-time member of the Institute for Private Investors (IPI), is a founding member/original trustee of The Greenwich Roundtable (GR) and a cofounder of The Gotham Triangle (TGT).

Andrew Pitcairn

Andrew Pitcairn, John’s Pitcairn’s great grandson, is a 4th generation member of the Harold Pitcairn Family line and is the current Pitcairn Family Council Chair. The Pitcairn Family Council was one of the first in the nation, established in 1982 as a platform for identifying family talent, educating family members about the operating business, identifying and implementing solutions for family connectedness and interfacing directors, management and owners, among other duties. Growing up in the small suburban town of Bryn Athyn and attending the community Swedenborg faith based school gave Andrew a spiritual sense that we are all here for a greater purpose and that to live life helping others was the highest calling one could achieve.

After studying psychology at Temple University, Andrew entered the world as a small business owner and from 1999-2008 owned and operated two small businesses in the Philadelphia area. This proved to be invaluable in gathering real world experience and setting the path for the next chapter in his life.

As a Pitcairn Family member Andrew has spoken at many events, including Transitions, South Eastern Family Office Forum, Hamptons Family Office, New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, Opal Financial, Delaware Family Business Center and the Private Asset Management Group.

In 2009 Andrew moved from a Family Council member to the Co-Chair position, and after one year he took over as Chair of the Board. In 2010 he became a committee advisory member of Pitcairn’s Capital Committee, a member of the Governance Committee as well as Chair of the Nominating Committee. Recently Andrew completed a course from Cannon Financial for qualification to sit as Co-Trustee with Pitcairn Trust Company on Family Trusts. Andrew sits on the Board of Directors for Pitcairn as well as Chairman of the Board for LighTouch Medical.

Mary D’ Souza

Mary D’Souza is a Managing Director at Sixiang Holding. She is the Chief Investment Officer for the Family Office and is responsible for investments in a wide range of products such as fixed income, equities, funds, real estate and structured products. Prior to this, she operated in a similar role as Managing Director at Four M Investments, LLC, a Family Office, and was responsible for capital markets for Four M’s portfolio companies and real estate.

Ms. D’Souza was a Managing Director with GE Capital in New York for 9 years, where her accomplishments included launching the company’s Second Lien/Mezzanine initiative and helping establish GE’s Unitranche fund. She helped make the junior capital unit a leading force in the junior capital space and played a significant part in structuring and placing of debtors-in-possession financings($1.9B Delta Airlines DIP), EXITS (Delta Airlines, US Air), restructuring, acquisition and recapitalization financings. Prior to GE Capital, Ms. D’Souza spent five years at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson in the U.S. and Europe structuring and raising capital for U.S. and international companies, working on structured financings and private equity financings and funds.

Ms. D’Souza has substantial experience in originating, analyzing, structuring, and placing debt and equity securities for leading financing firms. She completed 125+ financing transactions valued at over $13 billion during her 19-year career with corporations in the manufacturing, services, airlines, energy, media, and healthcare sectors. She has addressed industry conferences, been widely quoted in the financial news media and published articles about financing trends. Prior to Four M Investments, she spent 3 years in investment and commercial banking where she was responsible for building strong alliances with private equity funds, banks, BDCs, SBICs, commercial and industrial firms, and intermediaries. She worked with companies on private and public equity and debt financings.

Holland Sullivan

Holland Sullivan has a career spanning investment banking, family office, and private equity. Sullivan currently serves as a co-founder, principal, and managing director of the investment banking division of Register Financial, a multifamily office and BD backed by the several of the largest institutional and retail investors in the southern United States.

Sullivan most recently served as General Counsel and Head of Corporate Development for Fountainhead, the family office of Don Panoz, a real estate and resort developer best known as the inventor of the nicotine patch and the founder of Mylan and Elan Pharmaceuticals. In addition to evaluating and negotiating 70+ proposed JVs, acquisition targets, and investments, Sullivan led the disposition of four portfolio operating companies with an estimated value in excess of $500 million. Leveraging long-term ties to China, his work took him across the mainland on frequent quarterly trips as he bridged East/West differences in regulations and business practices.

Sullivan previously worked for a decade at investment banks including Merrill Lynch and Griffin Securities. As a Managing Director of the Investment Banking Division at Griffin Securities, Sullivan was the primary contact for Griffin’s Asian and Middle Eastern institutional investor base. He also led and executed corporate finance transactions with middle market client firms in the tech, energy, and clean-tech sectors.

Sullivan serves on the board of directors for the Yale Alumni Fund and was previously elected to the board of governors for Yale University’s alumni association. He has a BA in Economics from Yale University. He later earned a Master of Science in Global Finance from NYU Stern School of Business, the top-ranked finance department in the U.S., as well as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Asia’s top-ranked business school. He is also a licensed attorney and recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Solo Counsel Award from the 40,000-member Association of Corporate Counsel.

Sullivan is very active in the China-US Chamber of Commerce, a 17,000-corporate member organization dedicated to promotion cross-border business opportunities in the US and China. The Chamber recently presented him with its 2017 Rising Star Award for dealmakers under the age 40 showing strong promise.





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With 80 registrants and over 60 attendees, participants at our May, 2019 event in New York enjoyed direct instruction from family members behind 30 top family offices.

Who Should Attend?

Who Should Attend?

FOCAL recommends FOCAL University to a range of attendees:

  • Sell-side advisors who desire family office-focused actionable insights and the opportunity to meet family members.
  • Accountants and attorneys who do business with large family offices and complex family matters (e.g., estate planning, privately held family businesses, succession issues, etc.)
  • Wealth managers interested in competing for asset management opportunities
  • Fund managers seeking to develop deep, long-term limited partner relationships directly with family members
  • Family office managers looking for peer perspective
  • Family office principals/family members who would enjoy carte blanche to critique bluntly all the persons above…